Training. Do I REALLY need a trained arborist to help with my trees?

Not this kind of training
Not this kind of training

I am regularly asked the question, “who should I get to help with my trees?” The answer I give varies, depending on the circumstance. But I always say, “get someone properly trained for the job you need done”.

In an ideal world you would get an expert to do every job that you could not do yourself. But what about the price? What if the work you need done doesn’t require trade certification? Isn’t training expensive and therefore don’t you pay more for a certified tradesman?

The purpose of undergoing training isn’t about charging more for your work (although that sometimes does happen). The purpose of training is to learn how to do your job better. To reduce accidents, to increase your understanding of trees, to improve work methods.

When you consider things in this light, using a certified arborist may work out cheaper. But even if a tree worker doesn’t hold full qualifications, they may still be able to do your work correctly. So long as they are trained for that particular job, you know they understand how to work safely.

RPL. Recognition of Prior Learning.

The good news for tree loppers who want to become arborists, is that good Registered Training Organisations can offer RPL for many courses. Recognition of Prior Learning is where workers are tested on what they already know. If a person can demonstrate their skills already meet government standards then they can be deemed competent. This method of certification is faster and cheaper than normal.

Where can I get training?

I provide Vocational Education & Training (VET) for Certificate II and Certificate III students in various locations around Victoria and Australia through Holmesglen . The government requirements for VETĀ are rigorous and constantly being improved. For example, we must make the training we deliver fit the type of work and the place of work of each learner. So the skills and knowledge they are receiving is EXACTLY what they need.

Whether you are a tree owner who needs a trained arboristĀ or a tree contractor who wants to become certified, I can help.


John (Doc) Holliday