WELCOME. I am glad you found me. Your trees will be happy about it too.

I love my job
I love my job

My name is John Holliday or Doc Holliday if you prefer. That started out as a joke when I was a kid because the famous gunfighter was also called John Holliday. Who knew that I would end up a doctor anyway. A tree doctor.

Your tree doctor.

I am an arborist not a tree lopper. So rather than tell you to carve up your trees with a chainsaw, my first job is to talk to you about what you want. What you need.

What your trees need.

Sometimes all it takes is a brief chat over the phone to discuss your concerns and put your mind to rest. On other occasions a site visit and a longer talk over a cup of coffee is needed.

The sort of work I do is varied and includes;

  • Tree reports such as;
    • Building and planning
    • Valuations
    • Health assessments
    • Risk assessments
    • Management programs
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases & pests
  • Tree pruning & removal
  • Stump grinding

I am also a certified trainer of new arborists and travel around Australia helping new tree workers do their jobs safely, correctly and ethically. Oh, and I rescue cats stuck in trees. The fire department doesn’t do that anymore.

So if you need help with your trees and have questions about what to plant, how to care for them, when to prune them and if removal is needed give me a call or send me an email.


John (Doc) Holliday